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Dear Fencers
from now on, our masks are produced with the new fastening system according to the new FIE rules 2018. 

Only masks according to the new FIE demands will be permitted at the Junior World Championships in Verona and the Senior World Championships in Wuxi. 
The new fastening systems will be obligatory for all FIE competitions from September 2018.

Due to this change, we have to increase the price for all our masks with 8 Euro. 
Thank you very much for your understanding.

All our "old" masks (with the old fastening system) can be updated to the new fastening system.
The cost for this update (item no. 524) is 20 Euro. 
The mask should be sent to us to our factory for the update.
Before sending it, please contact us by email or phone call.

The new single elastic band (item no. 522) costs 10 Euro and also on this new band we can print your name!
For any doubt or question, do not hesitate to contact us.