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Made in Italy - 925 Silver

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Produttore: NEGRINI

The jewels are made with the traditional gold-casting method. Starting from a drawing, a subsequent model in brass executed completely by hand and from this with a procedure of molds and investment casting, we arrive at the jewel in silver reproducible in series. If it is composed of more than one element, it is welded by hand.
The stones (zircons or natural stones) are also hand-built.
The jewels are in silver 925 per thousand, the highest quantity of pure silver that a jewel can have, the remaining part is in copper which gives it greater resistance. Each jewel is stamped with the "925" mark.
To give greater brilliance, the jewels are immersed in a Rhodium bath (precious metal of a value greater than gold).
As required by law, they do not contain nickel and are therefore hypoallergenic, as they do not blacken the skin.
The jewels could have an opaque surface film if in contact with shampoos, particular detergents or particularly polluted places, but they can be cleaned with baking soda or dish detergent.