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Anatomical chest PETG guard with knitted vest(45%Poly, 45%Cot, 10%Lycra®) MAXIMUM SAFETY: Rib cage, breastbone and chest are protect against all risks. PERFECT FIT: This new chest guard is lightweight and flexible for greater comfort, but very strong thanks its new, revolutionary, "thermal adaptability". NEW DESIGN: (registered trademark) allows complete freedom of movement. IDEAL FOR ANY WOMAN: Produced in 4 sizes, the guard is inserted in the front of its vest. It fits a young girl or a grown woman. VEST INCLUDED: Poly/Cotton/Lycra®, washable with mild detergent and water under 30°C. Do not dry clean or iron. C.E. APPROVED - Patent N° 189273 Sizes: XXS- XS- S- M- L