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Infinity Glove

CE level 2 - Washable

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Produttore: NEGRINI

Our research on technical material has led us to the realization of a glove with a simple design, charming right in Negrini style with innovative solutions. 

The Infinity glove was created to be lightweight, elastic, performing and durable. 

The structure is developed with the new fabric Pro-Tex highly resistant which guarantees to the sleeve in double layer the 350N and to the back and the fingers bellows the 250N in a single layer. 

- Reinforcements are present in the most stressed parts: palm, thumb, forefinger and back. 
- The seam of the thumb and forefinger is positioned outside the pressure handle point. 
- Anti-slip coating for a perfect grip. 
- There are no aramid fiber components that could cause allergies. 
- Sleeve in dual layers Pro-Tex 350N. 
- Back and fingers in single-layer Pro-Tex 250N. 
- Washable