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Produttore: NEGRINI

“SCHERMASPORT -FIE11” Electric point for Foil, complet of steel/copper wire

Schermasport points, both for Foil or Epee, are considered the best points all over the world.
Out of all reasons that proves their performance, can be mentioned the following:
1) Their special strenght is due to generous improving of material tickness dimensions.
2) Their electric contacts high reliability.
There is only one “little” central piston in the “single-pole” Epee point.
It closes steadly and perfectly lined up. Such contact guarantees a very long lasting mechanism even after an extended and more intense use.
Project design, manufacturing and assembling process of our point is completely made in Italy.
The first quality steels used in the manufacturing process of Schermasport point have been selected according to get a high level standard of the following characteristics:
- stand wear and tear for long
- steady electric conductivity
- unassailable oxidation

Italian National Teams, both Men and Women, Foil and Epee, have been using the Schermasport points, both with and without screws, for years.
World Championships, World Cups and Olympic Games, were wone thanks also to such points contribution.