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Terms and conditions


The access and use of this "site", as well as all the "services" (e-commerce sales, newsletters, sales services) available to users, are regulated by the conditions on this page. For this reason the users are asked to read them and keep up to date regularly.

All changes to these conditions are at the discretion of "property": L. Negrini & F. snc, and are binding after their publication on this website. 
Any change of responsibility is not allowed, if not mentioned directly from the ownership.

All services and/or products accessible on this website, which are not owned by L. Negrini & F. snc or managed by "third parties”, are, by law, under the responsibility of third parties. For this reason the user is required to take note/view directly by third parties.

Users can at any time get in contact with the property to ask questions about the protection of personal data (see the section about privacy) and the conditions of use.


The only responsible for the communicated content is the user who has transmitted the data and not the IT platform that manages them.
In addition the user is required to read it or, if necessary, to request modification/cancellation.

The data transmission authorizes the ownership to its publication, management, distribution to third parties for different purposes such as statistical or commercial reports.

The data, managed by the property, are: product ratings and reviews, user profile information, documents, text, software, applications, music, video, sound, photographs, graphics, messages, comments, questions, or any other material here not mentioned and which has been sent/posted. These data can not in any way or for any reason be copied/modified/distributed by users without authorization of the property that holds the management rights.

It follows that any person, who provided this data, is directly responsible and assumes full responsibility for any purposes other than those specified here. In addition, the property refuses any responsibility for such content.


All products/services available on this site are owned by their respective brands and companies that produce them.
All content such as images, videos and any other material present on this site (which has not been provided by users) are owned by L. Negrini & F. snc, which holds all rights.
It is strictly forbidden any use, not allowed or contrary to law, although previously granted.

The contents, made available from users, are for personal use and can not be in any way, either partially or in any other way or form, used for commercial purposes and/or sold, reproduced, transferred or redistributed, unless otherwise agreed.

Any use in violation of the above will be prosecuted according to the law and the court of jurisdiction is the one in Verona.


All inbound links from other sites, portals or web or mobile applications, must be approved by the property, which must give consent in writing and specify the conditions of use for each request received.

Users are not allowed in any way to publish or distribute links to and from this site without the written permission of the property.


On this site there are cookies, useful to provide a better quality in terms of service and to make the experience of use much better. Without the consent to the use of cookies, the user can not use some contents/services available on the site.

If the browser is set to deny automatically the use of cookies, it can occur problems of display and use of the site.

It is not allowed to accept only part of the rules or just some cookies. 
Once accepted the cookies, the user assumes full responsibility for their use.


By registering on this website, the user declares to be an adult (to have an age above 18 years) and gives to the property the right to use the data provided, both during registration and order entering.

The purpose of registration is to allow the user to order, once log in, all the products present and available in the site.

Upon registration the user undertakes to provide all the required valid data, and assume its liability.
In addition, he is responsible for managing and privacy of the data provided at registration.


The disregard of these rules revokes any user’s rights and authority, both on civil and criminal side. Furthermore, users are required to read them and to keep updated autonomously about changes and/or updates to these policies and without any notice from the property.

It is a right of the property to modify, update or delete periodically, temporarily or permanently, some or all of these rules without any notice.