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It is now a few years that Negrini Fencing Line has noticed an increase of accidents and injuries in Sabre fencing.
Some of these accidents have occurred even with intact blades and gloves.
As a result of these incidents, the FIE SEMI Commission instituted a mixed working group with the major producers of fencing equipment to study and develop a new Safety Glove
Negrini Fencing Line, always at the forefront with regards to safety in Fencing, is member of this working group.
“UNIBODY 800N” is the result of 3 years of research and testing.
We have developed an exclusively new concept of glove.  
This "ALL IN ONE"  glove has increased areas protected by 800N material, as required by the FIE SEMI Commission, whilst keeping distinctly separated the hand and sleeve sections.
  1. UNIBODY - New and exclusive "ALL-IN-ONE" design, no seams, with separate thumb, reinforced back and sleeve. This increases safety as the blade can "slide" over the surgace without meeting any impediments. The high level of wrist mobility enables fluidity in movement without constriction.
  2. DYNEEMA 800N - With the exception of the internal side, that is in contact with the grip, the glove is entirely made with cut-proof elastic material thanks to the reduced thickness, a high level of comfort and breathability is guaranteed.
If you have any doubt about the size, please check the following glove size chart.